It is always best to keep your natural teeth if possible, but in certain cases of severe cavities, gum disease or cracks, it can be impossible to save a tooth. Dental implants have revolutionized the way we replace missing teeth and they are now more affordable than ever before!

A dental implant is a titanium post or cylinder that is carefully positioned beneath the gum line, which allows dentists to secure replacement teeth a bridge or denture in the area of missing teeth. Implants allow the dentist to replace from one to all of a patients teeth and they can also be used to anchor loose or poorly fitting dentures so that you can chew and enjoy food as you did before!

Implants benefit overall mouth health due to the fact that they do not have to be supported by other teeth, such as bridges or partials. For most patients, dental implants are the longest lasting, most conservative tooth replacement option.


When you lose a tooth, especially a back tooth, it may seem that you don’t need to replace it, since no one can see that it is missing and there are plenty of other teeth in your mouth. However, a missing tooth that is not replaces sets off a series of events in your mouth which can be very hard to correct. Over time, the jaw bone starts to recede or “melt away” causing a defect in the jaw. This loss of bone can also affect the teeth next to the open space. This is why people who have lost most of their teeth appear to have a “caved-in” appearance to their mouths while not wearing dentures.

Along with causing damage to the immediate area, losing teeth affects the remaining teeth as well as your overall health. Teeth also act as a structure for the face and the loss of a single tooth can shift the surrounding teeth, creating aesthetic issues and bite problems. In certain cases, shifting can become so severe that it will cause cavities, cracked teeth, gum disease and pain the jaw joint. If multiple teeth are lost and not replaced, it is very common to suffer from poor nutrition and even social consequences.

illustration of a tooth implant


One of the main benefits of dental implants as compared to other tooth replacement options is that the implant directly connects to the jaw bone. Nothing can replace a personals natural tooth, but implants come very close as they function just the same. Because we use titanium- which directly fuses to the bone, we are able to more accurately replicate a natural tooth. What does all of this mean to you? a tooth that looks, chews and feels just like one of your own teeth!

A tooth restored by an implant consists of several parts:

  • The titanium implant body is carefully positioned beneath the gums
  • The abutment can be made from titanium, a noble metal, or porcelain. This portion is secured to the implant body and will support the crown just like a natural tooth that has been prepared to receive a crown. The abutment will vary in shape and material depending on whether we are restoring a single tooth crown, an implant bridge, or using the implants as denture anchors.
  • The restoration is the portion that looks like a tooth and the portion that is seen above the gums. This can be in the form of a crown, bridge, or denture.

Implants can also be used to anchor dentures to the gums. The same strong titanium implants are placed below the gums. When they are fully healed, the dentures can then be secured to the implants. This can be done in several different ways, but the most common option is either a removable or fixed implant-supported denture.

  • Removable implant-supported dentures have special attachments that “snap” onto the implants. This secures the dentures and provides a great amount of stability. This type of restoration will typically require 2-4 implants.
  • Fixed implant-supported dentures are made in such a way that we can permanently secure them to the implants and the gums. This is a great option for patients who are looking for the best looking and most natural replacement of several or all of their teeth. This type of denture can also be made from porcelain, which will look, chew and feel very similar to real teeth! This type of restoration will typically require 4-8 implants.

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